At Martin LLP, our Real Estate practice group sees its role as supporting and counseling our clients in the completion of projects. Real estate, in the end is about the most tangible, concrete (often literally) class of assets – land and buildings. In this context, our job as attorneys is to assist our clients in effectuating their plans in the most cost-effective, strategic and efficient manner, always with the goal, ultimately, of completing a transaction. We are not theorists – we are practical, get-it-done, deal-oriented lawyers.

Broadly, we counsel clients in the financing, acquisition, development and disposition of real estate. Our clients include every category of stakeholder – individuals, mortgage lenders, commercial developers, both public and private companies, middle market companies and closely-held family businesses. Because we are a small firm, we are also nimble and innovative, able to envision and deliver creative solutions informed by decades of experience. Always, again, we seek what works.

Our background includes work on virtually every kind of project imaginable, including shopping centers, condominiums, offices, industrial and retail projects, hospitality projects and apartments. We have also negotiated and structured countless of commercial leases, advising both landlords and tenants in the leasing of office, retail and industrial real estate, as well as drafting many types of leases, from single tenant industrial leases and more conventional office and retail leases to long-term ground leases, subleases, lease assignments and brokerage agreements. We also represent landlords and tenants in proceedings to enforce lease agreements.

To support our work, we frequently call on members of a broad network of top-notch real estate professionals when needed, including appraisers; surveyors; technical, planning, environmental and land use professional consultants; mortgage and real estate brokers, and regulatory agencies, commissions and legislative bodies.

We serve as counsel to both buyers and sellers in conventional purchase and sale transactions, as well as in more complex transactions such as property assemblage, development and construction. We have extensive experience in related legal disciplines, such as the analysis of title, environmental and tax issues and in the drafting and negotiation of purchase and sale agreements, land swap agreements, construction agreements, easement agreements, covenants and restrictions, property management agreements and other agreements relating to real property operations, use and governance.

Our financing experience is equally broad. We represent lenders and borrowers in all aspects of the lending process, from structuring and negotiating the loan terms and loan documentation to specialized issues such as collateral protection and perfection, leasehold mortgaging and environmental documentation and compliance issues.

Whatever the scenario, the real estate group of Martin LLP stand ready to help our clients make what they envision real.