The Martin LLP Litigation practice group approaches representing our clients in disputes from a decidedly business-oriented perspective. Successful dispute resolution requires more than simply a desire to “win” since “winning at all costs” usually produces pyrrhic victories that do not advance client interests. Our approach requires a combination of strategy, aggression, judgment and bottom-line thinking, informed by many years of experience. Our goal in litigation, always, is to resolve disputes, whether through settlement or trial, on the most favorable terms possible for our clients.

Our primary litigation clients are small, yet sophisticated, commercial entities as well as individuals. We represent clients in a full-range of business-related disputes, ranging from contracts matters to business torts, unfair competition, shareholder disputes and more. We handle cases at all levels of the Connecticut and New York courts, as well as in various U.S. district courts, U.S. courts of appeal and state courts throughout the country. Our trial practice also involves appearing before administrative agencies and arbitrators.

We are proud to act as professionals and do not resort to histrionics and do not engage in unnecessary scorched-earth tactics. Trying cases can be expensive, demanding and often risky, as well as a major distraction for our clients. For that reason, we are mindful of the benefits of settling disputes through negotiation whenever possible. Accordingly, we develop a focused legal strategy from the outset that is designed to get to the heart of each dispute, evaluate the facts, evidence and parties, and resolve cases in an efficient, fair and economical manner.

That being said, we are also experienced courtroom attorneys, and when settlement isn’t feasible, are ready, willing and very able to take a client’s case to trial. In these situations, we are aggressive, strategic, and very hands-on. There are a surprising number of law firms whose litigators have never actually examined witnesses in court, particularly at large firms. We’re not one of them. As litigators, we have decades of experience, on our feet, in court, building cases and making arguments. Our ability to try cases fundamentally supports our ability to settle them – our opponents are well aware that we can, and will, go to court if necessary, which often makes them more cooperative when negotiating.

However, whether we’re discussing a settlement, trying a case or deposing a witness, we are above all, thinking about the bottom line. We strive to be cost-effective, efficient and always mindful that the case belongs to the client, not us. We view disputes as puzzles to be solved rather than battles to be fought just for the sake of fighting, and always seek to resolve disputes on the terms most economically and strategically favorable to our clients.