Real estate development is a process which begins with, literally, an idea and concludes with a finished project. Along the way, a bewildering skein of stakeholders, both public and private, are involved, along with large amounts of money and often, a series of seemingly infinitely complex issues. Martin LLP’s real estate team has decades of experience counseling builders, contractors, property owners, lenders and investors in every aspect of taking real estate from concept to reality.

We have worked with residential, commercial and industrial developers, and emphasize, first of all, developing a thorough understanding of the client’s goals and objectives. Our subsequent work is grounded in deep expertise in applicable statutes and regulations: zoning ordinances, land use restrictions, building codes, and related rules and ordinances. We assist our clients with investigation and planning, followed by obtaining the required approvals, permits, and licenses. Our work demands not only legal knowledge, but also innovation, business judgment and relationships. Negotiating skills are also essential, as is the ability to draft numerous different forms of necessary agreements.