Martin LLP’s private equity practice group provides a unique combination of relationship-driven, personalized counsel and cutting-edge highly sophisticated legal and strategic expertise. We are not a highly leveraged firm – we are small by design, and largely made up of senior attorneys who have spent decades at large, global firms working on – and learning from – some of the most complex, sophisticated projects in the industry. As a result, our private equity clients have direct, continual access to seasoned partners, who work closely with them. The combination of experience, top-notch strategic thinking and responsiveness is an unbeatable competitive advantage.

The partners in our private equity practice have worked with the full array of private equity, venture capital and other private investment funds: in size from the largest global funds to smaller middle-market funds to family offices and independent sponsors; in industry focus from advertising to zymurgy; in strategy from fund formation to growth equity investments to platform acquisitions to distressed company acquisitions; in setting from independent to semi-captive and captive; and in geography from global focus to regional U.S. focus. Our familiarity with fund formation, operation and regulation allow us to be fully cognizant of the internal and external constraints impacting financial sponsors.

As an organization, we pride ourselves on deal execution and a bias toward action: from NDAs and LOIs to proprietary and auction processes, to financing and end game strategies, our focus is on getting deals done, without ever losing sight of the key drivers for our private equity and private investment clients. When necessary, we easily operate in concert with our employment, litigation and corporate colleagues or outside counsel and other professionals to build a seamless, unified team.

It is very common for private equity attorneys to emphasize their ability to operate as genuine partners, to be accessible and responsive, and to possess deep industry expertise. It is less common for firms to deliberately structure themselves to deliver these things. At Martin, we have done exactly that. We are a small, elite corps of senior private equity professionals with experience in hundreds of transactions of every conceivable size, nature and industry, operating in a firm specifically constituted to support close working relationships and highly personalized counsel. In the high-stakes environment of private equity, our team delivers the two things no successful project can afford to lack – hands-on guidance, and sophisticated legal and strategic expertise. As we said, it’s an unbeatable combination.