In a business environment where the only constant is change, every enterprise needs to constantly evolve and adapt, or begin down the road to irrelevance. One form of adaptation is organic – the other is acquisition. Whether a business is an acquirer, a company to be acquired, a lender or a third party in an acquisition, the M&A attorneys at Martin LLP stand ready with advice and counsel that is both strategic and real-world.

M&A is, by definition, a critical, game-changing activity. The Martin team is comprised of senior attorneys with decades of experience counseling clients in every conceivable situation, market and business. Our unique, low-leverage firm means that throughout the myriad twists, turns and surprises of an M&A transaction, clients work closely with a highly accessible attorney who has certainly “been there and done that.”

Strategic because we never lose sight of the big picture, and avoid focusing on issues that are unimportant in the real world. Real-world because, above all, we focus on getting your deal done, and can arrive at innovative, effective solutions to make it happen. Our attorneys have represented sellers, buyers, founders, management groups, private equity and venture capital sponsors, bankers and other financing sources and investors in M&A transactions ranging from $2 million to more than $500 million. We advise clients not only on the legal aspects, but also on the business issues involved in the M&A process.

Accordingly, we are able to spot and surmount potential deal barriers so you can reach your goals and your transaction can close. We often build multidisciplinary teams to help shepherd M&A deals forward, bringing in outside counsel with the specialized expertise a deal demands, in fields from labor law to securities law to tax. Whatever the deal, and whoever the client, the Martin LLP M&A group is a force multiplier, and in the end, an essential part of how deals get done.