Q1 at Martin LLP – The Results Are In! – Newsletter

May 2014 Newsletter – Martin LLP reports its results for Q1 of 2014 – 15 Venture Financing Deals Closed for Investors and Companies, Aggregating Over $280M…

  • Pepsi Can’t Dodge Copyright Claims Over Super Bowl Ad – Publications
    A federal judge refused to dismiss a copyright lawsuit over Pepsi’s time-traveling 2016 Super Bowl ad, allowing an advertising firm’s case to proceed to discovery. The advertising firm is represented by Mark S. Gregory with Martin LLP.

  • Bench Trial Clears Attorney of Mishandling Estate Eviction – Publications
    On June 14, 2017, Judge Donna Heller of the Connecticut Superior Court issued a Memorandum of Decision dismissing all claims against a Fairfield attorney accused of breach of fiduciary duty while he served as executor of an estate. Mark Gregory of Martin LLP defended Thomas Drew at the four-day trial in Stamford.
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  • When Founders Recruit Friends and Family as Investors – Publications
    In his book, The Founder’s Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup, Harvard Business School Associate Professor Noam Wasserman tells readers how to anticipate, avoid, and, if necessary, recover from the landmines that can destroy a nascent company before it has the chance to thrive.

  • Keeping the Lines of Communication Open – Publications
    Patrick Hull, a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, explains in this article from The New York Times – DealBook why consistent communications and strong relationships with investors will make it easier for companies to raise capital and leverage resources for their growth.

  • Breaking Through Barriers to Growth – Publications
    Starting a successful business is often considered the hardest thing entrepreneurs do-but growing an existing venture may be even more difficult. Many companies get stuck on a plateau that inhibits their ability to grow. In his article, Breaking Through a Growth Stall, Harvard Business School Faculty Member Frank V. Cespedes discusses the process to allow businesses to break through barriers to growth.