Particularly if an estate is substantial, family relationships are complex and probate litigation can arise under a variety of circumstances. Some of these matters may involve ambiguously drafted documents, disputes about the legitimacy of an heir, disputes among beneficiaries or disagreements about how an Executor or Administrator is discharging his or her duties. The challenges presented by any litigation are exacerbated in probate situations because clients are compounding a major personal loss with a legal dispute.

Martin attorneys are skilled at simultaneously managing the legal issues at hand and the emotionally charged topics, often intergenerational, that typically arise in probate matters. Our primary goal in these situations is to avoid prolonged litigation whenever possible, and finalize the distribution of assets so beneficiaries and family members can move on with their lives. That being said, if litigation is unavoidable, we are formidable advocates. We are exceptionally knowledgeable in the application of applicable probate and trust law, intimately familiar with the related administrative procedures, and focus on quickly and effectively reaching the best possible resolution for our clients.